Shakti Yoga Dances

Featured Video: Phoenix Rising

Music: Notte Stelatta, by Il Volo

Choreography: Samantha Cameron, 2019

Mantra: Om hrim namah Shivaya om is a mantra of considerable power. It combines the spirits of Lord Shiva and Shakti, the ‘divine couple,’ that we hope reside within, creating perfect balance, and bliss.

Mudra: Jnana, a connection to universal consciousness. This mudra can be a silent companion, reminding us we are connected, we are intact, despite failure, and when we are awash in sorrow, we are caressed by love. It is the light touch of the divine within.

The Story: As pilgrims who journey into the unknown, we are bound to fail and lose the way. That is the territory of a well-lived life. When fortunate, we rise from the cold ashes many times over, for failure builds the best muscle! We are as magical as the Phoenix, exhaling the old, inhaling the unknown, to lift off once again. In a willingness to risk, we grow silk wing-spans to soar, becoming storytellers, healers, mentors, change-agents, and life-dancers. Rising time and again teaches resilience and empathy that create unique muscle, empowering wisdom. This emotional intelligence, inhabiting the body, feeds the brain’s IQ. The caressing beauty of Il Volo’s music expands emotion, connecting the body’s intelligence to its possibility. Feel yourself soar to re-fill with light, Igniting life anew!