Shakti Yoga Dances

Featured Video: Love Letter To The Earth

Music: Dante’s Prayer – sung in the Alhambra by Loreena McKennitt

Dear Gaia, this is a love letter of gratitude for your many gifts. It is danced in honor of the enduring abundance of your womb, where life unfolds. In recognition and memory, we move mindfully, sustained by your nurturing beauty; fed from rich, dark soil, boundless seas, vast plains, mountain, and shadowed forests.

Forgive our thoughtless destruction, our blind oblivion of your needs. This dance of love is a plea for forgiveness, asking you to imbue our sight with earth-perception, and guide us as guardians, not savages. May your unfailing supply of compassionate bounty grow our consciousness to respond to your cries for help. May intention, by word, dance, and deed create sanctuary to re-fund your unfailing Grace.

Mudra: Lotus, where we drop and nurture seeds of care and beauty to nourish the earth.