The Eye of the Heart

A Shakti Dance Workshop – May 3-5, 2019

Questioning Life’s Odyssey

What moves us?  Where are we going?  How do we get there?

ShaktiDances responds by teaching us to: Move beyond the known.  Expand the energetic body.  Connect physical structures to prepare for flight. Grow Emotional Intelligence.  Move to the music of your passion.  Listen to the songs of your soul.

ShaktiDances responds by teaching us to: Move beyond the known.  Expand the energetic body.  Connect physical structures to prepare for flight. Grow Emotional Intelligence.  Move to the music of your passion.  Listen to the songs of your soul.

  • If you are questioning your ‘odyssey, shaktidances uses simple movement structures that evolve into complex sequencing, teaching us how we get there from here.
  • Connecting the structure of known asanas to the breath-flow of movement, moves us beyond the known with a sense of safety.
  •  Each unique choreography expands not only the physical to subtle body systems, but opens mind/ body to an energetic experience. We are imbued with greater substance and peace. We hear and move to the music of our passions.
  • Inviting the powerful attributes of Emotional Intelligence into concrete experience, connects life on the mat to life on the street.
  • Transformation lies at the ‘eye of the heart’ in every #shaktidances.   We are pilgrims, joined by our soul-search to move out beyond and take flight.

The new choreographies of this weekend, explore and resonate to underlying themes inherent in the energies of May 3-5.

  • The potent New Moon in Taurus, is a re-set button inviting Venus intentions of beauty, relationship, value, sensuality, musicality, and earthy resilience toward new viewpoints, and heart values.
  • Ramadan begins, May 6.  Basic energies are a journey toward tolerance and perseverance, seeking to understand and curb negative emotions.
  • Cinco de Mayo celebrates freedom from tyranny with Mexico’s victory over the French in 1862. We question right use of power, and how do I use mine?

When you add all these energetic layers into the choreographic themes, music and intention of the shaktidances, you feel the rich layers waiting to be experienced and shared.

Daily Structure

Depending -if you arrive to begin Friday afternoon, or begin Saturday morning, the day opens differently.  For the three day workshop, we begin after lunch, at 1 pm on Fri. 3rd,  for a circle of meet and greet, meditation, passing energy, mantra and Pranayama.

 We begin to learn the first dance through class kryias.  The class is structured not only with stretch and breath, but with short sequences of the first dance. We take time to tear apart structure, discuss themes and intention.

We dance the first dance, repeating so that we can begin to embody its energy and emotion.

Depending on time, we begin the second dance.

If you are only doing Saturday & Sunday, we begin Sat. morning with class, which includes kryias of a new dance.

After ‘class’ we come together in ‘the circle’ of discussion, passing energy, pranayama, & mantra.

We move into the next dance, and repeat.

There is a short break before moving on to next dance.

Vegetarian Lunch offered

Review of the material covered, repetition of the morning’s dances.

New dance is introduced

Short break

Friday’s dance(s) is/are re-introduced and taught by those who came on Fri.

Closure through discussion/questioning/ Pranayam-meditation & savasana

Sunday morning begins with class, followed by ‘the circle.’

New dance is introduced and practiced.

Previous dances are ‘rehearsed’ for greater technical clarity, and emotional depth.

Given time, yet another dance will be offered.  This depends greatly on your energy and the timing.

Vegetarian lunch

Sunday afternoon we spend videoing the dances, along with discussion and review of what shaktidances has introduced into your life.

Closure through discussion/questioning/ Pranayama-meditation & savasana

Know that this is a very physical weekend.  I will not push you to over-do, but let me say, you will rest deeply in savasana and sleep well at night.


I would love it if everyone can come for the full session of Fri afternoon through Sunday.  But knowing the realities of our precious time, I’m offering the possibility of 18 hours or 13 hours.

For those seeking Shakti Yoga Dance teacher training, these hours are applied toward the primary 35 hours of advanced, contact work required for the 50 hour certification. (The non-contact hours can be completed on line, or in person.)

The weekend can either be a 2.5 day training, of 18 hours, for $350.00, or a two day, 13 hours, for $260.00.  (All YA CEU credits and certifications are an additional $10.00)

For those in previous trainings, we will dance to all new dances, with an updated teaching-structure, earned on the plains of Spain.

A delicious vegetarian lunch will be provided for $15.00.

For those travelling, there is the possibility of a sweet, next door- bedroom- at $50.00 a night.     I will do my best to help with transport if you fly.

Location:  The Studio at One Edson, Natick, MA. Outside of Boston, with easy airport access.

Please contact me with any questions.