Yoga Classes

Two Wed. Evening Vinyasa Classes at Laughing Dog in Wellesley, MA.

There are two Wednesday night classes held at Laughing Dog Yoga, on Linden st., in Wellesley, MA. The 5:15 pm is sweeter and slower, for  I-II technique levels. We focus on understanding alignment and use of breath with asana.  Energetically, classes follow the Solar-Lunar ~Yang to Yin energies through each month. Technique is layered with mudra, […]

Vigorous Vinyasa 8:30 AM, Saturdays at Blue Lotus Yoga in Needham, MA.

This is a level II-III, strong physical class.  Saturday mornings offer not only opportunity to learn new Shakti Yoga Dances, but more advanced asana, and complicated sequencing.  Pranayama, mudra, mantra and bandha are layers of the subtle body woven into class material. We nurture our innate harmony so we can align our spirits with Ma Nature and […]

Pilates Thursday mornings 8:30-9:30

This is a great hour of power for civilians, Yogis, dancers, and those with weak backs.  Class builds abdominal strength to support better alignment, with connection of leg and back muscle. Stress relief comes through focusing breath throughout the abdominal exercises, and lengthening stretches. This mat based Pilates workout pays attention to injuries and injury prevention.   […]