Partnering Hidden Selves

A ShaktiDance Workshop – October 26-27, 2019

AS IN ALL SHAKTIDANCES, WE ADDRESS THE MYSTERY AND SEEK MASTERY OF LIFE’S QUESTIONS: “What moves me?  Where am I going?  How do I get there? What do I need?”

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ShaktiDances responds by teaching to: Move beyond the known. Expand Emotional Intelligence.  Nurture the energetic body.  Connect physical structure to subtle body layers.  Amplify vision.  Magnify transformational possibility.

  • Whether you are questioning your life-odyssey or the next step, ShaktiDances teaches the nature of sequencing, of moving from here to there through simple movement structures that evolve into complex linking, teaching how to get there from here~ on the mat, AND off.
  • The dances are an invitation to use, understand and embody the 5 primary attributes of Emotional Intelligence, AND bring those attitudes and attributes into concrete experience, once again connecting life on the mat to life on the street.
  • Each unique choreography enlivens the physical AND subtle body systems. They open mind/ body to an energetic experience imbuing the body with greater peace, AND passion.
  • Linking the structure of asanas to the breath, mudras and music moves the body beyond the known with a sense of safety.  In the careful layering of each small step you feel a sense of safety as you turn toward the unknown, and then as Hafiz wrote, “you are willing to fly without wings.”
  • Transformation lies at the heart of every ShaktiDances.   We are pilgrims, joined by our soul-search to move out beyond and take flight.


Each of the choreographies explores and resonate underlying themes in the mystery of connection, both with Self and other.  Layering energies of  Shakti Goddesses, as well as specific mudras and mantra layered into each dance.  A beautiful toolbox is constructed so that when we need the tools in the mundane world they are there, waiting to enhance and heal daily life.

An abbreviated new layer is added to this workshop –Hormones are a hidden layer within, affecting many of our responses.  We add a little bit of basic hormone information, with aromatherapy. Clearly this is a surface swipe of a very deep topic, but Shaktidances promote happiness, and can be tools in counteracting depression and anxiety, which support the creation of ‘happy hormones.’ (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins)  The use of Aromatherapy is another tool to promote peace and happiness.  We will discuss the use of a few specific oils that support the theme of each choreography.


Learning to embody new movement patterns is how we learn to enter a new job, an unknown relationship, a fearful undertaking.   We add depth in step-by-step layering, then invite each step to soak into the emotional body.  We over-ride fear with repetition and knowledge.  We embrace the unknown by harnessing the hidden potency of breath, subtle body, mudra, mantra, and Shakti goddess energies.  It’s all within.  Our passionate mission is to access, integrate, synthesize, partner and unite hidden Selves.  We learn to wake up, excited to be WOKE, to face daily risks and fear. Perfect themes for a Scorpionic New Moon Adventure!

Daily Structure

Saturday, 10/26, opens at 9 AM with a circle of meet and greet, meditation, passing energy, mantra, and Pranayama.  The class follows that includes kryias within the dances. This makes the transitions easier when you dance them.

 Class leads into the first dance.  We take time to tear apart structure, discuss theme and intention. We dance the first dance, repeating it so we begin to embody its emotional energy.

Vegetarian Lunch

After ‘class’ we come together in ‘the circle’ of discussion, passing energy, Pranayama, & mantra.

We move into the next dance, and repeat.

There is a short break before moving on to the next dance.

Review of material covered, repetition of the morning’s dance.

Video of the dance(s)

New dance is introduced

5 PM Closure through discussion/questioning/ Pranayama-meditation & savasana

Sunday, 10/27, opens at 9 AM with ‘the circle.’ Followed by class.

Third dance is introduced and practiced.

Previous dances are ‘rehearsed’ for greater technical clarity, and emotional depth.

Video the 3rd dance

Vegetarian lunch

Sunday afternoon all dances are repeated

A Circle of Closure: discussion, shared thoughts of what shaktidances has introduced into your life. Mantra, Pranayama with a short meditation & Yoga Nidra – savasana

Know that this is a very physical weekend.  I will not push you to over-do, but let me say, you will rest deeply in savasana and sleep well at night.


For those seeking Shakti Yoga Dance teacher training, these hours are applied toward the primary 35 hours of advanced, contact work required for the 50-hour certification. (The non-contact hours can be completed online, or in person.)

The weekend is 13 hours training, for $260.00. 

For those in previous training, we dance all new dances.

A delicious vegetarian lunch will be provided for $15.00 a day.

For those traveling, there is the possibility of a sweet, next door- bedroom- at $50.00 a night. I will do my best to help with transport if you fly.

Location:  The Studio at One Edson, Natick, MA. Outside of Boston, with easy airport access.

Please contact me with any questions.