The Shakti Yoga Dance, “Liquid Love” calls upon the divine to listen to our broken hearts, and to lead us onward. All my yoga/dance choreographies are created from the desire to share the energies of hope, love and joy. Each of us longs for the heart to be bolder ~to stretch beyond who we were. The international Shakti Sisterhood of teachers and dancers reaches out in support of one another, and of those in need. These dances have raised our vibration, deepened the ‘wisdom body,’ and opened our imaginative vision to a wider world. Come join us, join the dance!

Shakti, the energy of feminine creation, is forming her next virtual Yoga/Dance Teacher Training ~ ‘CALLING THE MAGIC” ~Begins Oct 1.  Enrollment now open. 

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Each virtual teacher training session is infused with the alchemical power of ritual with the integration of Yoga and Dance. They both open the body differently but in agreement with ancient archetypes of Shakti Goddess energies in a Practice of deep intention. ttps://

Each dance CULTIVATES an intuitive wisdom-body as it adds Yoga’s layers of asanas, mudra, chakra, bandha, and pranayama to dance layers of emotion and storytelling.

You CREATE divine connections within through music, meditation, and understanding ‘Emotional Intelligence.’  As you expand your physical expression, the heart opens and elevates the mind!

These dances EMBRACE your soul work as the body grows in courage and happiness, as they move and entertwine by step-by-step transformative practices:

UNVEIL the tender and true parts of you, healing old wounds as you dance passionately into your Life.

ELEVATE INTENTION to heal Self, then the world- breath by breath, step by step, dance by dance. When two or three gather with the heart-open intention to create and share ~ healing and magic happen. I feel it, you feel it and the world feels it.

CONNECT to community AND Cosmos (See week’s Astrology below) Dances are created from the knowledge of Astrological energies, expanding intention, and intuition to deepen the process. Reach beyond the known, and connect your spirit to a soulful journey with like-minded others.

Taught by Samantha Cameron, creator of Shakti Yoga Dances. E-RYT 500, Master of Arts in dance & choreography, UCLA. CA., Professional Astrologer.


FALL EQUINOX~Time For A New Tune


Before night falls

Failing light cold-sucks

Every color into bone marrow

Insisting on inner odysseys.

We stand as trees lining a vesper horizon

Withstanding meager light

And shadowed notes of loneliness

To say, “I am here.

Here to begin again.”

Wisdom Body Notes for Sept. 22-Oct. 1 by Samantha Cameron

What is the fall equinox? What can it tell us?  Why is it important? Consider the Equinox and Solstice as pivotal portals or thresholds of transitions and possible transformation.  The Fall Equinox takes place as the Sun enters the sign of Libra, Sept. 23. (It is the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere). Astrologically, they do not have personal energies that inform or re-set our course, rather they are moments of full stop that call us back to be still and be present~ to surrender what was as we stand upon a new threshold.  They are crossroads reminding us of the earth and her needs, making them powerful opportunities for ritual, to acknowledge where we are in the unfolding of a year, and dream the path ahead.  When we pay attention, they offer intuitive symbolic powers. 

The inherent symbolic reality of any fall Equinox is we have reached a saturation point, forcing a shift from Yang to Yin, from long days to long nights, and for many~ from hot to cold.  The chart set for the time of the Sun’s entrance into Libra is an overview of the coming three months of energies lasting until Dec. 21 when winter begins at the Solstice, and the Sun stands at 00 Capricorn.  Symbolically and emotionally, the fall Equinox offers a time of taking stock, of harvesting what we have produced in the past three months.  With discernment, focus, and simplicity we create a moment of spirit in honor of the work we’ve done, which offers ideas and intention to take shape for new manifestation.  If you think of spirit as filled with light, then ask yourself what you plan to manifest with your harvest of light as you head into the dark. 

If you wish a dance to lead you into the dark with hope and spirit, come dance with me Panis Angelicus-

The simple Astrological story of the past six months is the Sun moved from Aires, at the spring equinox to Libra at the fall.  These months are a time of personal identity, who I am, how do I express myself, what are my feelings, how do I create, and how do I address my daily needs?  When the Sun enters Libra, the cosmic focus turns from me, to ‘how are you?‘  From here on until late March, energies embedded in each sign ask we engage with the world, with one another, toward work, community, status, and finally the consciousness of becoming ONE.  In each of these signatures, we work to balance the scales, and address boundary issues, but never more so than in Libra.  You may notice a rise in tensions of polarization, of masculine/feminine, of self and other, between Be and Do. Ask yourself if you can weave greater harmony with less angst as you stand at this still point? 

When consciously aware of a season’s shift, portals of opportunity may unexpectedly appear.  They can be potent moments to evaluate life.  What has gone before, are there consequences I need to address? What worked, or didn’t, and why? Who have I become? What can I create from ruins of the past that lead me to a higher vibration?  As you know, all the good stuff is grand, but it’s the loss, pain, and sorrow that deeply steer our vehicle onward in a more potent form.  ‘Discernment’ is a needed word as it supports spending intuitive time, listening and releasing before taking on the NEW and BOLD.  Feel the Equinox as a subtle force standing in the wings of your theatre, waiting to take the stage and be heard.

When we do step into Libra territory on the 23rd, there is more than just the Sun adding to ‘Libra fuel.’  Mars and the south node are now traveling through Libra, making the Libran archetype of balance, relationships, beauty, and strategy even louder.   Mars, as the warrior, says “I need to be the leader in this relationship. I am also very strategic in this sign and can lead you into the dark with power, if not style.  The South Node is a zodiacal point of release, of the past, what has been, what we know, and hopefully no longer wish to repeat, offering an opportunity to let go of toxic relationships.

The ancients, in their earth-based wisdom, built fires, altars, and circles of stone to mark and pay homage to these yearly shifts.  Their blood history informs, if we but stop and listen.  An ancient symbol for Autumn’s Equinox is a double spiral, depicting inhale and exhale and the balance between, as well as the balance between inner and outer journeys.  They were aware of spiritual cycles and part of their Equinox focus was to create rituals for vision and for silence to quiet the heart.  They prepared for dormancy, and some for death as they knew by the harvest whether they would survive the winter or not.  On some level, we can feel our bodies wanting to prepare for dormancy and hibernation after the fractious and chaotic months of dawn-to-dusk demands.  Intuition is asking, “What do I want to emerge and grow from this harvest?”  “How will I participate in the great turning of this time?”


For those wishing deeper insight into life, a forward look at future dreams, and greater understanding of the past and how it has shaped you~ There is no better time than now for an Astrological consult with Samantha.  email to: for a Zoom or in-person session.  If you would like information about me and my work – go here: Check out further Astrology Information at

SEPTEMBER CLASSES~ Everyone Welcome!

Sat. Sept 23,  9 AM ET ~ This multi-level Vinyasa Flow class is Hybrid. Weather permitting- on the grass, or in Studio, 1 Edson Rd. Natick. This coming Saturday, 23rd, let us celebrate the Equinox in community, on the green- if possible. We shall layer mudra, pranayama, poetry, chakras, and Asanas that flow and flower within, growing new intentions, contentment, quiet joy, and a spacious wisdom body!  if you are new and wish a Zoom link-contact Samantha at 

Tues 26, 8:30-9:30 AM  ET~Pilates Core & Stretch, Zoom only class has moved to Tuesdays through the fall ~ as I head back to Wellesley College to teach the girls how it’s done….. It’s great for beginners and advanced, wishing to connect and create pliable muscles of enduring strength.

Wed. Sept. 27, 5:30 pm ET ~ Vinyasa Flow through Laughing Dog Natick Studio, 1 Edson Rd. We are in studio, and/or Zoom is always available. Sign in at This multi-level class engages and expands the Wisdom Body. We prepare for the Equinox with ritual & joy.


 YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  Be balanced, listen to your inhale and exhale, and incorporate ritual into your practice.  This time is rich in possibilities of more conscious connection among brain, body, breath, and heart. This week, especially, create rituals of intention in celebration of your Equinox harvest. Feel spirit moving through you to embrace new dreams, of discovery. Reclaim your power as you stand, or better~ dance upon the earth in gratitude for the harvest. Remember, that, “In the end, our intention is more important than anything we do.”  Adyashanti

If you wish to know about my teaching style and background- go here:

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Know that your year ahead lies deep within your changing consciousness, (always) and that surprises are sure to fill your cup.  As the last of the Virgo birthdays, keep your connection to the earth strong as it is a year to turn up the volume of your ‘authentic voice.’  Though this is not usually comfortable for Virgo’s to do, it’s time to move into your leadership of love and embrace old wounds that have given you skills of great power.  Pay attention to your daily Practices, noticing the ones that really serve, and changing or releasing the ones that no longer support you.  You are growing, changing, and moving forward, despite frustration and fears.  Open up your ‘baby blues’ to take a good look at yourself to stand proud

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