The Shakti Yoga Dance, “Liquid Love” calls upon the divine to listen to our broken hearts, and to lead us onward. All my yoga/dance choreographies are created from the desire to share the energies of hope, love and joy. Each of us longs for the heart to be bolder ~to stretch beyond who we were. The international Shakti Sisterhood of teachers and dancers reaches out in support of one another, and of those in need. These dances have raised our vibration, deepened the ‘wisdom body,’ and opened our imaginative vision to a wider world. Come join us, join the dance!

Shakti, the energy of feminine creation, is forming her next virtual Yoga/Dance Teacher Training ~ ‘DANCING THE WISDOM BODY” ~January 14, 2024.

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Each virtual teacher training session is infused with the alchemical power of ritual with the integration of Yoga and Dance. They both open the body differently but in agreement with ancient archetypes of Shakti Goddess energies in a Practice of deep intention. ttps://

Each dance CULTIVATES an intuitive wisdom-body as it adds Yoga’s layers of asanas, mudra, chakra, bandha, and pranayama to dance layers of emotion and storytelling.

You CREATE divine connections within through music, meditation, and understanding ‘Emotional Intelligence.’  As you expand your physical expression, the heart opens and elevates the mind!

These dances EMBRACE your soul work as the body grows in courage and happiness, as they move and intertwine by step-by-step transformative practices:

UNVEIL the tender and true parts of you, healing old wounds as you dance passionately into your Life.

ELEVATE INTENTION to heal Self, then the world- breath by breath, step by step, dance by dance. When two or three gather with the heart-open intention to create and share ~ healing and magic happen. I feel it, you feel it and the world feels it.

CONNECT to community AND Cosmos (See week’s Astrology below) Dances are created from the knowledge of Astrological energies, expanding intention, and intuition to deepen the process. Reach beyond the known, and connect your spirit to a soulful journey with like-minded others.

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Taught by Samantha Cameron, creator of Shakti Yoga Dances. E-RYT 500, Master of Arts in dance & choreography, UCLA. CA., Professional Astrologer.


“We are all deep in a hell which each moment is a miracle.”  E.M Cioran

Wisdom Body Notes for March 1-8, by Samantha Cameron March usually ‘comes in like a lamb and leaves like a lion.’ This year she is especially wet, making for wild uncertainty and confusion ~underpinnings of fear and anger.  March, as always enters in tender Pisces, with moist, dewy desires for oneness.  She leaves as the fiercely “I AM” Aires warrior.  Pisces is the last signature of the zodiac, and Aires is the first.  On March 19/20, we begin the Astrological New Year at the Spring Equinox, just as the Sun hits 00 Aires.

Because our Universe has been dealing with more planets than usual floating through Pisces, it’s created deep emotional spillage, some understood through loss and injury, some not, yet deeply felt. The overage of water element has not been helped by a lack of fire, which is our enthusiasm, the energy of ‘get up and do it!’  If you wish to accomplish something then you must turn inward and create your own motivation.  Last week I wrote, “We are in an opportune time of great metamorphoses! This literally means ‘a change of form.’  Not easy, but essential.  Move into higher mind, expanded heart, and meta-vision to update, discover, and remodel your creative drive.”  Despite the lack of hard-driving, divine passion and fire within, it is essential to plan and layout spring plans, hopes, and dreams. Setting intentions now, before the big stormy changes of Eclipse season, along with a planetary baboonga of Jupiter embracing Uranus mid April, is wise.  In comparison we have peace.  In comparison to incoming energies, ‘Now’  is necessary to formulate plans.

Key energy dates of March:

3-10 Pisces New Moon, along with the change to daylight savings.  This promises to bring extra confusion this year due to a watery deluge of not only the Sun and Moon swimming together, but Mercury and Saturn, with Venus flowing into Pisces on the 11th.  It’s a big fish fry!!  The Pisces signature is that of two fish swimming in opposite directions, tied at the tail.  You can already visualize the confusion.

3-15 The Ides of March This a memory of tragedy and sorrow from the Roman calendar noting the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 bce.  Decide what your misfortune and doom are ~then throw them in the trash, or better yet~ sing a foine Irish song with ‘The Wigglies’.  Your blues cannot survive this silliness.; 

3-18 Sun embraces Neptune, ruler of Pisces, the ego is offered underwater underwear in support of visions, spiritual openings, and creative dreams with a wider identity.

3-19/20 Sun enters Aires for Spring Equinox.   Known as Ostara by the ancients. The pagan holiday honors incoming spring light and warmth that awakens the earth.  We renew, balance and find rebirth.

3-25 Lunar/Full Moon Eclipse in Libra.   Eclipses tend to drama, surprise, and rapid change. Something ends and something begins. We are shaken not stirred out of complacency.

3-31 Easter morphs into April 1-Day of the Fool when Mercury goes Retrograde!! 

Endings and beginnings.  This is the moment to put on water wings to swim toward April.  The more planning and preparation we can outline and prepare ~`the better the month can be.  As if this were not ALWAYS true, but it is an especially comforting task to undertake now as so much of what we are dealing with feels out of control, leaving us wet and muddy.  If we can but turn into exquisite Starfish, laid out upon the sand, we will withstand the tides.

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog, and special gratitude to clients who support my work, inspiring my writing as well as my life. Samantha  💖


Making plans to move forward?  Confused by the unknown? If you wish to know how you are affected by planetary energies, and understand better ways to partner Self and others, contact Samantha for a deep-diving Astrological consultation into your life:, or text 508-505-7700.  Astrological Information~

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*Listen to your emotional body as it is as wise a guide as the brain.  integrate them~grow wiser yet!

*Make daily time to stop and listen to your intuition.

*Pay attention to details in order to process and utilize the creatively spiritual waters of Pisces.

*Navigate wisely between practical and possible. 

*Use your creative process to weave known constructs with unknown futuristic ideas.

*Listen to head and heart to regenerate spirit, as well as friendships.

*Discover new ways to walk your talk, especially your loving spiritual talk.

*Take daily time to bring higher level awareness into the quotidian/daily do.

*As a mad mix of cosmos & earth, turn to potential possibilities of being energetically illuminated by higher good, higher vibration, elevated imagination.  Mostly, by silly joy and unexpected adventures

BIRTHDAY’S THIS WEEK:  Pay attention to dissolving the old to feel lighter as weary weight drops off your shoulders. As you are of a fishy nature, plunge into the emotional body and listen to what calls you forward, listen to who calls you in need, listen to soul-sounds with transformational notes.  Call your courage and belief in self to take on a wider world and larger life.  You may be offered new ways to heal as well as transform the known by visualizing a higher wave of light.  Slow, patient steps move you toward big new goals as you integrate the yin-yang of it all.

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