Shakti Yoga Dances

Featured Shakti Yoga Dance Video: Moving Grace

Music:  “Amazing Grace” in Cherokee by Lenape Spirits/ Wind Spirit Drum
Dancer/Choreographer:  Samantha Cameron
Video: Allan Cameron

Mudra: The classic Jnana -for it reminds us of our connection to spirit.  It reminds the body that it is embraced by a wider vision, and higher protective source.

Shakti Goddess: Bhramari Devi – The Bee Goddess reminds us we are protected, that we can move through darkness returning to light through trust and patience. She is a goddess of honey’s sweet nectar, of life-giving bees, and of the land.

The Story:  This dance rises from the earth in its dying time.  It calls the Ancients forth to remind us we never dance alone, that our Oneness is in all of time.  We are offered courage for the heart to stand strong as it turns toward darkness, as it accepts death.  In turning to the four directions, we honor the gifts embedded in each:  East/home of the visionary. South/The Healer; West/The Teacher; North/The Warrior.

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Shakti Yoga Dances calls you to Join an international Shakti Sisterhood at the next Teacher Training, starting August 21, 2022, culminating 40 hours and nine weeks later, Oct 16th.

This international training is for yoga instructors, AND those wishing to expand their practice, physically and emotionally.  Graduates are awarded certification and YA credits. 

Previous graduates, ( Shakti Reviews ) confirm that their lives are changed by ‘the Dance.’  When mudra, mantra, Shakti archetypes and mythos, music, chakra, poetry, and healing intention are woven into movement, life opens to its deeper mystery, opening new pathways. This training expands body, heart, and mind to wilder talent and wider points of view. 

One of the most joyous aspects of these training sessions is that we grow into a ‘sisterhood of shared grace,’ learning from one another around the world.  Gathering for 3.5 hours on Sunday mornings, 9-12:30 ET, virtually timed for 5 time zones. Sessions are recorded to keep you updated if you miss class.

Since beginning the international training in 2020, I have changed and expanded four important aspects:  1. A healing focus has been added to the many layers within a dance.  This is thanks to participants of the previous training who worked as healers.  2. I have opened up the choreographer’s toolbox to enhance your Yoga~a gift of my Masters in Dance.  3.  Your creative chops grow and are challenged to expand, not only within you, but as wonderful gifts for your students. 4.  A ‘mutual workbook’ is created between us as we move through the training, plus you receive recordings of all original choreographies.  

If the following interests you, join the dance!

Learn to play with energy. Change your point of view by connecting subtle body layers. Synthesize body-mind connections, expanding your consciousness. Shakti Yoga Dances enrich your nature, transforming the mundane to mystical, logical to intuitive, and chaotic to peaceful. And you will play with the energy of the Cosmos as Samantha is a professional Astrologer and layers in planetary information as an enriching layer.

The art of Shakti Yoga Dances is the art of healing body, mind, and spirit. The unique sequencing, the practice of muscle and bone growing resilient and powerful, the musical invitation calling imagination to soar as breath connects ever deeper into movement, demand new life. We become change-agents. learning to heal Self, then offering this gift to another, until the world is dancing and singing.

The art of manipulating asanas into dance sequences is the art of becoming a storyteller. Choreographically, we reveal ourselves in fresh, new forms, growing intuition, creativity, and joy. The dances move through us, layered in sound, breath, shape, and emotion, and in this rich layering we see life more as a poem than an email; more as a tapestry than a dishcloth. Be inspired here!

The dance on the mat is the discovery of the dancer within, and as the dancer, YOU are changed by inspirational fire imbued in the movement. Ancient Tantric practitioners knew that body and emotion regenerate and heal with dance. They used its power to call in the divine. We long for tribal joining and shared rituals. We yearn to feel light-filled and passionate. Join Shakti Yoga Dances as she weaves her magic in rituals feeding body, mind, spirit, and emotion.