Shakti Yoga Dances

Featured Video: Answer the Calling

Music: Answer by Loreena McKennitt
Choreography: Samantha Cameron, 2019
Dancers: Jacqueline Brodnitzki, Samantha Cameron, Cory Halaby, Becky Thompson

MUDRA: Shankh. To create this mudra, encircle left thumb with right hand, as right thumb touches left middle finger. Hold in front of the throat chakra/ Vishuida and imagine you blow into a conch shell to awaken the day, and open doors to the temple, both inner and outer. The inner door calls forth the ability to listen and speak from the heart. It supports spirit to shine. Shankh is helpful for throat issues, including the inability to speak up, especially the feminine fear of saying “no.” Physically, it helps heal sore throats.

Honoring the Shakti Goddess DURGA~ A warrior goddess of protection & inner strength, who, like most Goddesses, is most gentle and most fierce. Acknowledging and working with her duality helps to embody the resilient beauty of the feminine. She is the power behind radical spiritual awakening. Her warrior ways arise out of a uniquely potent compassion and complexity. When she is called, she descends to ignite the subtle body, beginning a transformational process that often surprises. In Tantric traditions, this awakening is called shaktipat. Snakelike, it lies coiled at the base of the spine waiting to be awakened….waiting to be called! For Durga to appear in answer to our need, she must be called. She cannot intervene until we surrender and petition her help.

THE STORY: The choreography moves from Durga’s resilient, feminine ability to surrender, yet rise ever more powerfully. Her fierceness, motivated by compassion, supports the ability to release, surrender, spiral, and shift to powerfully hold our ground. We answer the call by calling Her, then reach out to listen and call to others. In the end, we’ve engaged a golden inner landscape of regenerated spirit-muscle that is joyously shared. We are quiet warriors as we stand up for self, then stand for others.

When calling Durga’s power to you, wear red gold, yellow orange. Visualize yourself seated on a lion or tiger. As you dance, imagine a golden light of feline power surrounding you.

NB Gratitude to Jennifer Harvey, owner of Laughing Dog Yoga Studio in Wellesley, MA. for the golden space she generously offered for video shoot.

(Durga information from Sally Kempton’s wonderful book, “Awakening Shakti.”)