Shakti Yoga Dances

Featured Video: Moving Grace

Music:  “Amazing Grace” in Cherokee by Lenape Spirits/ Wind Spirit Drum
Dancer/Choreographer:  Samantha Cameron
Video: Allan Cameron

Mudra: The classic Jnana -for it reminds us of our connection to spirit.  It reminds the body that it is embraced by a wider vision, and higher protective source.

Shakti Goddess: Bhramari Devi – The Bee Goddess reminds us we are protected, that we can move through darkness returning to light through trust and patience. She is a goddess of honey’s sweet nectar, of life-giving bees, and of the land.

The Story:  This dance rises from the earth in its dying time.  It calls the Ancients forth to remind us we never dance alone, that our Oneness is in all of time.  We are offered courage for the heart to stand strong as it turns toward darkness, as it accepts death.  In turning to the four directions, we honor the gifts embedded in each:  East/home of the visionary. South/The Healer; West/The Teacher; North/The Warrior.


Oh great spirit who gave me soul to grow
And earth to dance upon,
Rivers, seas and oceans wide~
Embracing Kingdom Come.

Hold me strong me that I may fly
Into a widening sky
And cast the seeds that shall abide
As healing for the land.

Sweet -sweet Amazing Grace,
Call the Ancients to stand forth,
That we may turn and share the Grace of
All we think we own.