I take great pride in introducing the International Shakti Yoga Dance Instructors. They have taught me in ways I never knew possible. For this, I am heart-grateful.

Samantha Cameron

First Training


Austeja Bardauskaite 

The journey of becoming Shakti yoga dance instructor was remarkable and unforgettable in many ways.

Sundays became celebrations, even though it was sometimes hard to always be active and beat the laziness, but, the outcome is immeasurable.

I Loved Samantha’s Devotion, smile, energy shared with us, her knowledge, and creativity;  And that you treat us like friends + students, by creating safe place for everyone.  I loved her simplicity and relaxation even in the times when not everything was going as you wanted.

To seek Divinity within through the dance was the best practice!  it’s enriching in many ways, indescribable by words , but experiencing by heart, definitely.

Endless Gratitude flows to all our Shakti Yoga dance crew :))) 


Val Broome

The journey of becoming Shakti yoga dance instruThis amazing Shakti Yoga Dance teacher training has offered me more of myself. I’m emerging with an awareness of a deeper spiritual depth, and a greater awareness in my process. I hear a more authentic voice within that is inviting more life from an expanded consciousness.   Not only has this training offered me a richer life, but it supports new gifts I now offer my students.  With gratitude & love, Valctor was remarkable and unforgettable in many ways.


Kelly-Marie Kerr

I am quite emotional writing this testimony, I am not sure whether it is possible to express in words how much this experience has meant to me.  But here goes!

For me, Samantha’s Shakti Dance teaching training course is about more than just getting “qualified”.  The entire process and experience has been such a joy, as Samantha is such an experienced, patient, funny and kind teacher.  

Her teaching style is intuitive and creative, so there was a real sense of support and friendship throughout the course.

I definitely recommend this course, I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge and had my love for dance reinvigorated beyond what I ever hoped for!


Deena Jarrar

My journey with Shakti Yoga Dances is a profound experience of being fully immersed in heaven, where I found the throne to the Queen of Shakti, Samantha. 

I am so grateful I get to share awareness, love, and the wisdom of the Divine feminine with beautiful souls and form a Shakti Sisterhood from coast to coast, a thing I can never repay. And now it’s time to take a spin following these steps and spread the seeds of love and wisdom to bring more blossom and healing to the world.   Deena

Blessed beyond words.


Eleftheria Loukadaki

The Shakti yoga dance training is a perfect combination of Dance Yoga and Music. You deepen into your practice from a different perspective, feeling the benefits of movement from dance and the spiritual aspects and asanas from Yoga.

Samantha is an amazing yoga teacher and a wonderful dancer~the most perfect person to teach Shakti Yoga Dance to make you become and feel a Shakti Yoga Dance Goddess. Transformational! Blessings from Crete, Eleftheria

Second Training


Estelle Chassaniol

The Shakti yoga dance training is a perfect combination of Dance Yoga and Music. You deepen into your practice from a different “Meeting Samantha as a teacher and creator of this ShaktivGoddesses’ Yoga-Dance space, is a gift. During the sessions of more than Yoga and Dance, Samantha allowed me to live the goddess in me and to reflect her in the mirrors of my being. Between Mantras, Mudras, astrology, techniques and Tools, and poems, this space heals the feminine by providing a place to take root. Samantha opened a door where I could find this space that guides my creativity. Dare to try the rhythm of my heart and find inspiration there. Yoga Dance Shakti Goddesses is an initiation where we grow together. Samantha is a wonderful guide who offers her knowledge without limit, who shares with her heart and soul, and who inspires. Learn each dance, let yourself be guided, and then create. The tools offered, the rhythm of these moments. My Sundays were a sacred space to recharge. I have encountered a circle of goddesses and I can’t wait to see it evolve. Thank you, Samantha, for this space that you offer and guide so that everyone can find their inspiration and their flow and that together we grow in our feminine through these times of Yoga Dance in creation. SAMANTHA THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND FOR THE SPACE YOU OFFER US. Estelle


Po D’arcy

I have come to the understanding that dance and yoga are “sacred technologies.” As such, they have a magical ability to transport us into new, expanded parts of ourselves. I learned that the layered creativity in the dances gave me the opportunity to connect with inner parts of myself and that what lay below the surface rose up to reveal itself in deeper meaning. This teacher training has offered insights into how choreography can be a mirror to living an intentional life. The toolbox prepares the body for the best performance, allowing the steps to flow in a sequence that tells the story and embodies a message. This calls in an ‘alchemical flow’ to infuse the whole with focused awareness, and an alignment of pure light. I realized that I have been more of a stage manager, rather than a choreographer. My new goal is to move forward with creative intention, mindfulness, and exuberance, connecting my humanity to art/ spirit/ joy! With gratitude, Po


Franziska Diluca

The Shakti yoga dance classes with Samantha were an amazing journey! I loved that we were women all around the globe and that Sunday afternoons became beautiful rituals. The combination of asanas, and dance choreography is a perfect match for me as I LOVE them both. It makes me feel more feminine in everything I do, and feminine energy is what the world needs. We are in a great transmission and we need people to become aware of that. The Shakti Yoga Dance teacher training was a big personal development for me as I realized the more we come into our bodies, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we can change the world. Thank you, Samantha.


Steffi Feierabend

I can’t express what this Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher training gave me. An amazing circle of beautiful sisters. A wider and deeper perspective and sense within my body. Incredibly valuable teaching and dancing tools. A deeper sense of self-confidence and love.  Samantha is not just one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered but also one of the most humble, graceful and joyful human beings. This teacher training goes deep in its main topics of dance and yoga and with that our bodies but also offers an opportunity to go deep within ourselves and share that with our sisters and with the world.  After every Sunday Class, I have been filled with so much love and gratitude and so I am still now writing this. Thank you in a million ways, especially heart-ways!  Steffi


Ingrid Maria Beavis

I thoroughly enjoyed Samantha’s style of teaching. The training took me deep within – “out of my head, and into my body”. I experienced a new freedom of movement, while enjoying relaxing, meditative states of mind. Shakti Yoga Dance embodies the intuitive flow of dance and the ancient wisdom of yoga. This training helped me to connect with my creativity and gave me an outlet for physical expression. I look forward to sharing this wonderful, new knowledge with my students. Ingrid is adding Shakti Yoga Dances to her new training- contact her: ingridsharedawareness@gmail.com. New South Wales, Australia

Third Training


Isabelle Moiselet

I looked forward to every Sunday with joy and excitement to meet my beautiful sisters and share a new Shakti dance with them. Even though we were zooming, the energy was flowing through the screen, especially Samantha’s.

Samantha is much more than a teacher. She is a guide, a beautiful and joyful human being, a messenger.  So thank you Samantha for this nourishing and wonderful journey into the heart of feminine energy.  Thank you for sharing, thank you for helping me to reconnect more with my creative energy, and my body.

                                          Love and Gratitude, Isabelle

UK & Ibiza

Rachel Spain

This training couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Whilst going through some big life changes this wonderful course was my sanctuary, inspiration and focus each week.
I absolutely loved the Sunday meetings with a group of wise and like-minded women who I learned so much from. Samantha is AMAZING and puts so much love and passion into every session. She has incredible knowledge, wisdom and intuitive skill that permeates through her dances and teachings.
To combine yoga and dance is such a beautiful thing and something I have always wanted to do but I could never find a shakti yoga dance course that resonated with me. I’m not a fan of the ecstatic dance style and was looking for something more classical and technical but still free and creative and this course ticked all the boxes.
I feel this course really sparked my creativity and brought me hope for the future. I left each session feel full of warmth, love and felt an ignited inner power. 
I loved that we got a birth chart reading too! 
If I could do it all again, I absolutely would!

                                          Rachel Spain      @rachelspainyoga


Floriane Jamar

The Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher training was a wonderful experience for me.  First of all, the fact of meeting women every Sunday re-created inside me a link with my sacred feminine. The strength of the goddesses, often mentioned during classes,  allowed me to find more strength and peace in my daily life.

This training is a perfect combination of dance tools, musical connections, and spiritual yoga. I learned a lot during these few months, not only about technique but about loving and accepting myself.   Samantha is a wonderful teacher full of empathy and very attentive to all her students.

                                                           Thank you Samantha.