New International Shakti Yoga Dance Instructors


Austeja Bardauskaite 

The journey of becoming Shakti yoga dance instructor was remarkable and unforgettable in many ways.

Sundays became celebrations, even though it was sometimes hard to always be active and beat the laziness, but, the outcome is immeasurable.

I Loved Samantha’s Devotion, smile, energy shared with us, her knowledge, and creativity;  And that you treat us like friends + students, by creating safe place for everyone.  I loved her simplicity and relaxation even in the times when not everything was going as you wanted.

To seek Divinity within through the dance was the best practice!  it’s enriching in many ways, indescribable by words , but experiencing by heart, definitely.

Endless Gratitude flows to all our Shakti Yoga dance crew :))) 


Val Broome

The journey of becoming Shakti yoga dance instruThis amazing Shakti Yoga Dance teacher training has offered me more of myself. I’m emerging with an awareness of a deeper spiritual depth, and a greater awareness in my process. I hear a more authentic voice within that is inviting more life from an expanded consciousness.   Not only has this training offered me a richer life, but it supports new gifts I now offer my students.  With gratitude & love, Valctor was remarkable and unforgettable in many ways.


Kelly-Marie Kerr

I am quite emotional writing this testimony, I am not sure whether it is possible to express in words how much this experience has meant to me.  But here goes!

For me, Samantha’s Shakti Dance teaching training course is about more than just getting “qualified”.  The entire process and experience has been such a joy, as Samantha is such an experienced, patient, funny and kind teacher.  

Her teaching style is intuitive and creative, so there was a real sense of support and friendship throughout the course.

I definitely recommend this course, I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge and had my love for dance reinvigorated beyond what I ever hoped for!


Deena Jarrar

My journey with Shakti Yoga Dances is a profound experience of being fully immersed in heaven, where I found the throne to the Queen of Shakti, Samantha. 

I am so grateful I get to share awareness, love, and the wisdom of the Divine feminine with beautiful souls and form a Shakti Sisterhood from coast to coast, a thing I can never repay. And now it’s time to take a spin following these steps and spread the seeds of love and wisdom to bring more blossom and healing to the world.  

Blessed beyond words.


Eleftheria Loukadaki

The Shakti yoga dance training is a perfect combination of Dance Yoga and Music. You deepen into your practice from a different perspective, feeling the benefits of movement from dance and the spiritual aspects and asanas from Yoga.

Samantha is an amazing yoga teacher and a wonderful dancer~the most perfect person to teach Shakti Yoga Dance to make you become, and feel a Shakti Yoga Dance Goddess. Transformational!