Incorporating motion and emotion

By Michela Weygand, Wicked Local Netick
Posted May 17, 2016

Samantha Cameron, a local choreographer, dancer, and multi-media artist, has shared a new art of dance and yoga with the world.

In 2008, Cameron created Shakti Yoga Dances. This new style incorporates motion and emotion into the spiritual discipline.

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Intelligent body

Interview with Samantha Cameron, Tú Mismo magazine

72d71c3e1a75301c5a2942cd172af179_XLExcerpt from interview:
You clearly saw that you could join dance with yoga, and created Shakti Dance?

Yes, Shakti Dance is my creation. The first dances began in 2008, slowly at first, I had my fears. They began simply, with some asanas, all very firmly established. The choice of music is very important to me. If I do not I connect emotionally to the music, it is very difficult to create interesting choreography. It can be classical music, modern jazz or popular songs, from countries like Spain, South America, also in Europe … I love it all! Songs with lyrics or instrumental, everything is useful. Music expresses emotions so well.
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