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    “Learning the Shakti Yoga Dances has transformed my entire practice. It’s amazing how easily I now move in and out of poses, even difficult ones. And getting the connections on the mat has somehow opened up other connections- off the mat.” - Elgar Pichler

International Shakti Yoga Dance Training~ January 7~ February 25, 2024

SHAKTI YOGA DANCES are taught by their creator, Samantha Cameron, MA Dance/Choreography, UCLA, and E-RYT-500 Yoga Alliance

A Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher Training is about toes in the pose creating the sacred and sublime. You not only learn to creatively unite Yoga and dance- bringing magic to the mat, but this is an opportunity to unveil your unique Self and the gifts you have for the world.  The dances are layered and informed by Mudra, chakras, Shakti Goddesses, Astrological energies, poetry, and music. They increase ‘the Emotional Intelligence’ of the wisdom body, connecting heart, mind, and physicality to expand into alchemical potions of power. This is a physical Yoga with a spiritual chaser where we learn to create ‘sacred space,’ for Self, and others.

Learn to embody your unique gifts as you dance the mat!

International Virtual Teacher Training Information

  • Dates: Begins Jan. 7th, 2024
  • Time: 9 virtual Sunday’s 9 am-12:30 pm ET. This begins in Europe between 2-3 pm
  • FEE: $500.00 / 467 E / 679 Aus.~ 40 hours of virtual instruction.  YA certified.
  • Level: Intermediate Yoga technique if you are not an instructor. If in doubt email:  samcatcam@gmail.com for clarification ). No, you do not need dance training, though it’s helpful.

Included in fee: 1. Free weekly Vinyasa class recordings. 2. Each dance is recorded for you to keep. 3. An astrological overview of your natal chart is a $150 gift, included in the training fee. Samantha is a professional Astrologer interested in personally mentoring each participant, supporting them to risk greater creativity with heart awareness.

Testimonials of previous participants:

“Samantha’s original choreographies are unique and heart-felt as she sets them to beautiful music, inviting emotion and spirit to connect, growing a deep inner wisdom.” Steffi Feierabend, Switzerland

“I loved the step-by-step layered information presented, it was powerful and engaging, and most important~ Transformative! My life has expanded, thanks to the power of this training. No one should refuse this invitation to the dance!” Val Broom, Rockingham Australia

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    OVERVIEW Of Virtual Immersion

    Yearning for transformational creativity on the magic mat? Curious to discover the joy and emotional satisfaction embedded in each Shaktidance? Here are moves that inspire! This international training is structured from my needs as a dancer to move from my own unique point of view; As a choreographer to create emotional content; As a Yoga Instructor, to reveal inner spiritual layers. Shakti Yoga Dances are an alchemical combination of this magic. Let’s change the world one dance at a time!
    Attendance is limited to keep the work intimate, powerful, and transformative in order to align your spiritual intuition with ‘Emotional Intelligence’. You will fill mind and body with a wider vision, and wisdom, connecting you to like-minded others.

    If you are not interested in certification, You may still attend the training, or take individual sessions, earning CEU hours.  The sessions are a mix of physicality, shared ideas, short papers, and moving meditations.

    Layers Embedded In Shakti Dances Create the Wisdom Body

    • Learn to weave chakras, bandhas, mantra, music, poetry, pranayama and mudras into ‘creative conspiracies’ ~Taking your teaching skills to a higher, inspired level.
    • Learn to creatively sequence as a choreographer, linking Yoga Asanas with breath and emotional intention.
    • Acquire basic Astrological energies as you move from planetary guidance. The Cosmos is calling!
    • Work with a greater focus on breath through movement, creating deeper release & renewal. We work with bandhas, contractions, and extended supple extensions.
    • Class size is limited to easily share ideas and creativity, And to grow a strong community.
    • Healing intentions deepen your Practice.
    • Work with the power of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, connecting it in unexplored ways into the body.
    • Incorporating the archetypal energies of the Shakti Goddesses informs and expands feminine wisdom.
    • Listen as your spiritual GPS grows loud and clear.
    • You become a member of the international Shakti Sisterhood that reaches around the world, changing the world one dance at a time.

    Class Construct

    Sunday sessions work on an original Shakti Dance, from the meditation and mudra, to the warm up and closure.  With each dance as a delicious, complex cake, we layer in the moves and slowly repeat until the body is comfortable enough to invite in the emotional body. You add to your Yoga Toolbox as you interpret the dances from an integrated P.O.V. The final, at the end of 8 weeks is to teach your own original dance to the others.

    Having taught three international Shakti teacher trainings, what has been most extraordinary is the community~the Shakti Sisterhood that has blossomed, along with the growth of each participant. Observing the final dances has filled me not only with admiration and joyous gratitude but the hope we continue to remain connected for an ongoing healing journey, embracing a world in need.

    Samantha is a wonderful guide who offers her knowledge without limits, who shares from her heart and soul to inspire. My Sundays became a sacred space to recharge.” Estelle Chassanoil, France

    Email Samantha samcatcam@gmail.com to register or if you have questions.