• Testimonial

    “Learning the Shakti Yoga Dances has transformed my entire practice. It’s amazing how easily I now move in and out of poses, even difficult ones. And getting the connections on the mat has somehow opened up other connections- off the mat.” - Elgar Pichler

ShaktiDances Training for Teachers & Non-Teachers

Certification for Teachers, or solo Sunday workshops for the joy of it!

This training is not only about learning to dance the mat, but about you discovering your unique self, and the gifts you wish to offer the world.  It is about learning to expand joy and abundance, no matter what.  It is about increasing ‘Emotional Intelligence’- through movement as well as ideas. It teaches us to understand ‘sacred space,’ for Self, and for others.  


  • Dates: You choose! Ten Sundays to earn certification as a Shakti Yoga Dance Instructor; January 24th through March 28th
  • Time: 9am-1 pm est, /2 -6 pm Euro 
  • Fees: Teacher Training of 10 sessions- If paid in advance $450/ 365 E. or $500 / 407 E- if paid over time
  • Fee: For a solo Sunday $50.00 / 40.60 E.
  • Level: Intermediate (If in doubt email:  samcatcam@gmail.com for clarification )



    Via PayPal:

    Zelle: Samantha Cameron Samcatcam@gmail.com
    Check: Samantha Cameron, 1 Edson Rd. Natick,  MA  01760

    The Details

    For those in the 10-week teacher training, a zoom class is held every Sunday through March 28.  When you miss a session, recordings are available. We meet during the week for discussion, questions, reading, and homework. On completion, you earn the 40 hour Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher’s Certification from Daily Breath Yoga School, with YA approval.

    Because this virtual training is working with teachers around the world, in different time zones, all classes are recorded. Videos will be supplied covering the many layers within each dance, allowing attendees to save all recordings, as well as participate as much as possible on their own schedule.  

    There will be an hour during the week when all teachers come together in a Zoom conference to discuss and share ideas with one another.  Building community is a primary reason we create joy when dancing together.                                                                                             


    If you are not a Yoga Instructor, an intermediate level Practice is required as the technique is physical.  If you are in doubt, do check out class videos at shaktidances.com, or at dailybreathjournal.com or YouTube Channel: Samantha Cameron Shakti Yoga Dances, ‘In Class’ Yoga’.  You do not need to be a dancer or have a dance background, though it is helpful.

    If you take a solo ‘workshop’, you can earn CEU hours from YA,   Pick and choose dates that fit your schedule. For those who have danced with me before, I will set up ‘recommended dates’ for dropping in to get the most out of the workshop.

    For those taking the full 40 hours, you will receive an Astrological Gift of your chart with overview notes about YOU!.  This is one of the many tools we will use in order to view ourselves objectively, to better understand our talents and our issues.  This knowledge offers a greater ability to accept and honor Self, to see who you wish to be, to dance like no one is watching, and nourish the spiritual side of Yoga.  We shall use it, along with the use of chakras, mantra, mudra, bandhas, Ayurvedic, poetry, and music as conduits of energy offering the freedom of expanded consciousness. 


    Tuition costs have been lowered as Yoga Instructors are suffering ‘Covid-finance.’  I am only charging $15.00 an hour US, or 12.80 E. We can make it through this time by helping one another, sharing our journey, and dancing together.

    Fees can be paid weekly, monthly, or payment in full.

    Fee for 10 weeks- $500 US / 406.96 E for 40 hour Teacher Training. Fee for a solo 4-hour workshop is $50. /40.60 E 

    If paid in full before training begins- Teachers pay $450/ 365.37E

    Or you can pay $50 / 40.60 E weekly, or $250 in Feb & march /202.98 E

    If you bring a friend, or student to a Sunday workshop you receive $25 /20.0 E off your fee. If you entice a friend to sign for the entire training, you take $75 /60.90 off your total.  As most of you are teachers, advertise the on-going workshops to your students. (I will supply you with posters and advertising.) With luck, you bring in enough bodies you sail through FREE! 

    The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”   -Pablo Picasso

    If you can only take only part of the training at this time, you can apply these hours to further trainings, virtual, or eventually in-person toward certification. Plus you earn CEU hours with YA.                                                                                                                                

    Training Includes:

    Ten 4 hour weekend workshops

    Personal and group sessions to discuss, understand and work with subtle body layers involved in each dance, and how you can use the knowledge in your classes.

    Feedback on weekly homework, and practice with recorded dances.

    For Instructors, there is a final exam where you will teach everyone your favorite dance.  There is a short written exam, as well as a short paper on a topic of your choice. You will keep a Notebook/Journal – created between us of ongoing work.

    Refund Policy:

    If you have an emergency, I will do my best to refund the amount paid.  If you drop out halfway, I will refund 50% of the remaining fee. Or if you prefer, money can be put toward the next training, with no loss to you.

    Email Samantha samcatcam@gmail.com to register or if you have any questions.