• What is Shakti?

    Shakti is the feminine energy underlying the reality of existence. Shakti/Shiva make up the feminine/masculine whole. Shakti moves to uncover and reveal the divine within Self. Shakti is the energy of creation, and when she co-creates with us, she is at her most powerful. She is housed in the body at the base of the spine as Kundalini, and Tantric practices work to awaken this creative, regenerative spirit. Shakti delights in play, and the interweaving of emotion with movement. In opening the emotional body, we become available as sacred vessels, and move into the world as change-agents.

About Shakti Yoga

Cameron16Shakti Yoga Dances began in 2009, growing out of my many lives and interests, mainly years as a dancer/choreographer, and Astrologer. In the beginning, I created short dances for each month that embodied energies of the season, both Ayurvedically and Astrologically. They were simple and strictly within asana-lines. As I’ve grown more courageous, the dances have become like myself, freer, bolder, and more trusting that spirit walks in to dictate the dance. I need a Practice that pushes and supports me to become emotionally alive, where I’m willing to embrace risk, to move out of the past, and stand in greater vulnerability. I want structures that hold many confluences, where movement is meaningful, where it becomes the teacher instructing us to embrace all the pieces and parts we disdain. The unfolding of the Shakti Yoga Dances have given me a greater understanding of the power in small steps, and tiny bites. They have offered enormous pleasure in the process, making that process the satisfying end result.

~Samantha Cameron, Creator of Shakti Yoga Dances